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Design Works High School

Design the future you want to see

Our Mission

Design Works High School students apply design thinking to solve complex problems and build a more equitable world. They collaborate, critique, defend, and revise throughout design challenges, graduating ready to pursue their passions in college, creative careers, and as social justice leaders.

Learning happens inside and outside of school through industry, community, and university partnerships, enabling students to access apprenticeships and college coursework. In our inclusive and responsive community, all students are known deeply and their voices are valued in making and re-making the school.

Through strong personal relationships and applied practice, students are empowered to design the future they want to see.

Our Program

Design Works High School students each deeply explore one realm of world building:

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Art Equity

Students who join this realm will study art, interior design, digital design, and branding. They will have the opportunity to take an AP exam & have the opportunity to earn college credit.

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Tech Equity

Students who join this realm will study IT & software engineering.  They will have the opportunity to take the AP software engineering exam & obtain an industry standard certification.

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Housing Equity

Students who join this realm will study the economics and laws behind housing in our communities.  They will work with urban planners and community based organizations to understand housing needs. They will have the opportunity to earn college credit.

Our Community

Our Team

Our founding team of teachers and staff bring impressive experience from schools across New York City!


Corinth Hunter

Ms. Hunter is a 15 year NYC public school educator. Previously Ms. Hunter was co-founder of the Urban Assembly Gateway School for Technology, a small, public, unscreened technology-focused high school in Midtown, Manhattan.  


Ms. Hunter is also an entrepreneur and educonsultant; she has supported countless non-profit organizations and small businesses in curriculum design. Ms Hunter  is committed to promoting a pedagogy of dignity for all young people and enjoys connecting with educators who are guided by similar principles.


Contact Us

Get in touch by completing the below form or calling the school at 929-489-3880

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!


As a growing school, we will need more amazing teachers and staff to join our team for the 2024 - 2025 school year.

Interested? Email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question? Email!



How do I attend an open house or school tour?

Thank you for your interest in Design Works! We haven't yet scheduled our next open houses, so recommend joining our email list using this link:

What are DWHS’ admission requirements?


We are not a screened school, and students are admitted by the Department of Education's enrollment process. You can learn more about this at


Building & Safety


I heard the school is moving buildings next year. Is that true?

We are moving to the nearby 491 Dean Street school building before next fall. Please see this letter for additional context.

Will there be construction going on in the building while our children are at school?


Construction is not allowed to occur during the school day. There will be no work done in the building until after 3:30 p.m., and that work will be done on other floors.


What will be the schedule for the school day?

As of August 14th, the Design Works school day will run from 8:40 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. to include:

  • 1st Period (60 minutes)

  • 2nd Period (60 minutes)

  • 3rd Period (60 minutes)

  • 4th Period (40 minutes) - alternate days between advisory and P.E.

  • Lunch (44 minutes)

  • 5th Period (44 minutes)

  • 6th Period (44 minutes)

  • Office Hours (24 minutes) - Every day ends with teachers holding office hours. These are invite-only; teachers use this time to provide additional support to students who may have struggled with the class content that day. 


Is there a calendar for Design Works events?

We will be sharing more details on upcoming events for Design Works families and students in the fall! As a reminder, you can always see all New York City Department of Education schools' general calendar here.

Summer Opportunities and Preparation

What should we be looking to purchase for freshman year?


‍In the Design Works High School Welcome Letter you can find the list of needs on the second page! Students may bring a laptop to and from school, but it is not required. We will provide necessary technology & other learning materials during the school day.


How do we sign up for a home visit, and why do we need one?


School staff spend a significant amount of time in the school building with students. That is to say, the school is our home! We want you to feel right at home as well :). 

Before the school year begins, we would love to get to know you. We schedule home visits for no other reason than to begin establishing a relationship with you. Home visits are not interviews; you've already been accepted into the school!  However, home visits have been statistically proven to improve student interactions and relationships with school staff, which typically translates to higher student performance. You might be interested to know that New Orleans is considering mandating home visits for all schools! Principal Hunter has been doing home visits for 11 years, and truly enjoys them. 


You can let us know what month and time is convenient for you HERE and if there are any other questions, please do get in touch.


I have a student with a deep interest in art & design. Where is the list of summer/college credit programs at Pratt?


It's great that you're already thinking about this! You can access the list of programs HERE. I suggest putting a reminder in your phone for when applications open up for particular programs. These programs are offered yearly, so if your family is planning to go away this summer, your child can still join in one of the following years.




Will the Regents exams my student is taking in eighth grade “count” or make them eligible for higher-level coursework in ninth grade?


Yes, as long as you cross the “college ready” threshold (typically, this is 75 for ELA and 80 for Algebra). For example, if your student earns a 65 on their Algebra Regents, they will take ninth grade algebra because they are not yet "college ready" in this subject. If your student earned a 90 in their 8th grade Algebra Regents exam, they would take Geometry in ninth grade.


Can students choose their own classes?


For ninth grade, students will be assigned into their classes, and mostly take the same courses. Starting in tenth grade, they will have the opportunity to choose their classes based on their pathway and interest.


Will Design Works High School offer AP courses?


Yes, Design Works High School will offer a variety of AP courses for students to participate in and potentially earn college credit.


Students will also have the opportunity to earn college credit through College Now courses or Pratt's pre-college programming.


Extracurricular Activities


What after-school programs are being offered and when will they start?


Students have many options for after-school programming! A few examples: in the 2023-2024 school year, we've had students complete a microinternship with an architecture firm; learn woodworking; and create sustainable fashion designs.

Each October, we also hold a fair for all students to engage with clubs already being offered by staff or students and pitch ideas for new ones. Anyone can start a club as long as they have 25 signatures supporting their effort!


What sports teams will the school have/connect students to?


We work with PSAL to connect students to athletic programs in the area, where they can play alongside students from other local schools. We will tell students when they need to get a physical, and accompany them to their first tryout. 


However, as we grow over the years, we will have Design Works sports teams!


Do keep in mind that if you are in AAU and hoping to stand out or earn a scholarship, we do recommend staying in AAU as it is typically more competitive than PSAL.


Policies for Students


Can students leave school for lunch?


Students can, as a grade, be able to earn the privilege of going off-campus for lunch. If and when they do, they must:


  • Wear something that clearly identifies them as a Design Works High School student (e.g., t-shirt, hat, lanyard)

  • Be respectful to the community

  • Go in groups; no one should be alone


Will the children be served the typical DOE breakfasts and lunches?


Yes, as of now. In the future we can explore options for alternatives.


Is there a bathroom for LGBTQIA+ students?


We have designated a single-occupancy restroom as a private bathroom available to LGBTQIA+ students who need it. These students are discreetly given a key to ensure safe access.

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